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Dordon Parish Council
Dordon Parish Council
Dordon Parish Council

The Village Hall

Main Hall
The main hall is tastefully decorated in cream and peach, it has a spacious, sprung, polished wooden floor. There are in total 19 tables and 140 chairs. The hall itself can hold 120 up to people comfortably.


Bar Area
This is a small room built on the side of the hall. It has facilities for hand washing and bottle washing along with a serving area. It can also be used as a cafe bar with its own kettle.


The Kitchen
A large exceptionally clean catering area with all the amenities needed, i.e. fridge, cooker and crockery. There is a large serving hatch and two sink areas with hand washing facilities, perfect for self catering and equally adequate for outside catering.


Meeting Room
Originally the stage area (before renovation in 1995) it is now used as a meeting room for the council and other users. There are 5 grouped tables capable of sitting at least 14 people comfortably. This room has a carpet and is nicely decorated in green.


Resource Centre
The Resource Centre was officially launched on the 14th July 1995. It is a group of rooms comprising of an office, ICT work area and another kitchen (only able to serve tea and coffee). Entrance to this area is through the rear door on Kitwood Avenue which makes it usable separately from the main hall.


Toilet Facilities
There are both male and female toilets off the main hall, as well as a disabled WC to the side of the hall. There is also a disabled WC in the resource centre. 

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