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A look back...

Historic Dordon

Dordon is a historic village, mentioned in a book, ‘Antiquities’ (History of Warwickshire) published in 1656 it would appear that Dordon was well established as a hamlet even in the year 1135. It is unknown how the small settlement actually received its name as this information is not easily traced. There are some explanations, one of which being that the name may have been originally written as “Dawndun” (the Hill of the Dawn), because the village stands on one of the highest hills in the district, from which the breaking dawn could easily have been seen.


In 1891, a census of Dordon revealed a population of 877 people. By the year 1908 this had increased to 1,365. Due mainly to the influx during the 1950’s of many mining families from the North of England and Scotland, following the closure of a number of coal mines in those areas. Dordon today has a resident population of, as measured in the 2001 Census as 3,225 of which 49 per cent were male and 51 per cent were female. Dordon also has an expanding area originally a Coal Board estate however new housing, shops, a school and other new facilities have been created such as the old surgery being destroyed and a new residential being built on it. The new surgery is now on Long Street.

But happily, it still remains of its original characteristics as a village community.

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